Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Can we call it an introduction?

Hello, there.
(First I want to say that my original blog is if you want check that out, but I will try to trafer all my posts into this one. :) Thank you for your time in advance) <3
You know, when you have that moment in life when you see, read something etc., and you suddenly feel something in you have changed? You feel a way in which you know how do continue a certain thing or  for example what steps you need to take to succeed in achieving you goals or dreams? Yes,  I know how you felt.
I decided to start this blog as a beginning of achieving my goals I may share with you in the future. I have been inspired by ladies (mainly) who for me are just beyond perfection for what they do. Some of they are:

1) Chiara Ferragni aka
2) Sincerely Jules aka
3) Chriselle Lim aka
4) Kristina Bazan aka

Ok now, let's get to work ! So stop for a second and think of what are your personal thoughts of... *drum rolls*... 
FASHION  are. "Even if you say you don't care about fashion and don't dress to make a statement, you are making a statement". For me there are more than one type of fashion. One for people with more opportunities and one for those who just like mixing and playing around with colors, without feeling the need to buy the newest Balenciaga bag. I personally like to take the best of both. Fashion is the ability of you being able to bring a simple look to life with the help of designers and your own imagination (yup it's really that simple)! Just Be Yourself with a little help! For my personally fashion means addiction to a passion which I can't control, hahah if you know what i mean. :D For me fashion is also a way of expressing myself and showing my attitude. I don't think that i would be able to feel and look at things like at the moment as if i wasn't introdused to fashion. I really hope this blog to become bigger and to be helpful for some of you. :)
I think that was kinda good intro to my blog, but let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a student and at the same time explorer. I have quite a bit an obsession with Chanel and Zara ( and others). As I said I love fashion, traveling and my Family and friends. My goals in life are achieving my dreams!  On my blog I'll share my passion for fashion and also some outfits that I wear, some make-up looks and probably some hair styles.

The most important: I write with my heart.

Thank you,

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