Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Tip of Red Elegance

Hello you guys,

I searched for the perfect elegant shoes for such a long time. I have always been such a fan of Christian Louboutin. I tried hard to find an alternative, because we all know that Louboutin's shoes can be kinda pricey. In my opinion every woman should have at least one pair of the perfect elegant shoe - high heel, pointy toe, closed and in the same time open feet. The tip of elegance i call this. This shoe is suitable for every kind of occasion - a ball, a night out with the girlfriends, a date, etc.

The shoes I will be talking in this post are from a store called Musette. Christina Batlan's recent shoe collection has some really amazing designs. And yes it's a pretty good alternative to the Loub's  design.

I am caught by the materials the shoes are made from. I wore these on New Year Eve and honestly it was a true test to walk in these babies in the snow :D. Although they are extremely stable, they are a bit uncomfortable at the first wear, but after that they get real comfy. They are definitely worth  investing in. Another plus is that they are in the perfect color red, which makes them even more elegant in my opinion.

PS. The most accurate red color of the shoes can be the second picture. :)

Thank you,