Thursday, August 20, 2015

Something special

Today's article I wanted to bring something different to the floor. I am talking about INSPIRATION and how to get inspired and keep on doing what you love. I think everyone can relate to the fact that there are moments, when we get so sucked up in life and work that we forget to loosen up and regenerate. Getting inspired and focused on what we love, keeps us going on. I really believe that having inspiration in life is of a major importance.

As talking about myself, I get inspired from so many places and people. As you may already know, I want to work in the fashion industry and with my style I want to represent myself. I soak up so much ideas and inspiration from fashion bloggers, brands and even youtubers. I cannot live without being inspired and that's why I want to inspire others, as well as myself (but there is still time for that last part). Having something to catch to, when feeling down is literally the best thing ever. The flow of inspiration, comes with the positive thinking of not giving up and following your goals and dreams, basically doing what you want to do or even to keep trying. 

I want to share with you my inspirations and how I get inspired by the world around me. First thing first. FASHION BLOGGERS! Bloggers such as Kristina Bazan, Chriselle Lim, Negin Mirsalehi, Chiara Ferragni and many others, really showed me probably the right way to combine colors hahaha. Just joking here. Seeing all their hard work really gets me hooked up. I mostly like to check their outfits, if I am being totally honest, but I do read the articles as well. YOUTUBErs such as Evelina Barry and beauty gurus such as NikkieTutorials, Lauren Curtis and so so many others, really get me in the mood of creativity and self representation. 

In conclusion, I would like to say that inspiration may come in many forms and it can be soaked from seriously everywhere. Having inspiration in life is something, for me, of a true importance. The point I want to make is that finding inspiration and being inspired in so important and you can find inspiration everywhere and about what ever you want. I mean, I can even get inspired from Instagram and Tumblr... It is up to you. With inspiration, comes motivation and success. 


                                                                 Thank you, 
                                                                          Michelle xx