Sunday, February 28, 2016

Milan Fashion Week #Day5

For such a long time I have been wanting to participate in a fashion show during Milan Fashion Week. This wish of mine is still out there, but at least this time I kinda got the chance to experience a little bit of the "craziness" in front of one of the shows. Because of my studies I did not get the chance to visit most of the shows during the fashion week, but I did decide that I would love see even the tiniest bit of it. So I took one of my friends and we went for a walk to Salvatore Ferragamo show. It was not the best decision, because it was raining cats and dogs. We were soaking wet, standing in front of Ferragamo's show, seeking inspiration, with our phones in our hands ready to photograph... Nice view huh.. Anyways, we did see some really nice outfits and tried to enjoy the fashion week's vibe in the rain. We saw people such as Anna Dello Russo and Veronica Ferraro. Here are some pictures from our day. Enjoy. :) 

This last picture represents the struggle in the rain, when everyone else have an umbrella. I liked the outfit tho!

I hope you enjoyed  the short article. See you next time, 
Michelle xx

Thursday, November 5, 2015

HMxBalmain army: Is it fashionable or dangerous?

Knowing about the collaboration between Balmain and H&M months ago, I am not gonna lie, it made my heart beat a bit faster for a moment. I find Balmain clothing really interesting and beautiful on it's own. Probably that is the reason why I got pretty excited. Last year when H&M collaborated with Alexander Wang, I could go to the store, where there weren't so many people and actually get to see and buy some pieces from the collection. Ever since I found out the date when the current collection will be released, I knew that I want to definitely go and check it out! There was just one tiny problem... I was in a much bigger city than Sofia, I was in Milan. 

I had thoughts that it will be crowded and full of screaming girls wanting to be in the #hmbalmaination, but I had no idea that these two things can literally explode in such a massive way. I had checked the collection online, before I went to the store in order to make my stay in the store easier. Nope... that definitely didn't helped me. 

At the end, I didn't even went in the store, because there were too many people in front of the it. I thought that it is good that I didn't went in, because I could have been smashed. I saw such a chaos on the internet about how people in different countries go absolutely crazy about every piece of fabric with the label "Balmain H&M". I understand the 'fascination' over the collection, but this for me is way too much. You can also shop ONLINE people, why the stress? No, wait... Everything online is also sold out. Fingers cross I find some pieces somewhere! 

Ohh, well... As my final words, I want to say that there is nothing wrong in wanting something that bad, just please make sure that you are not stepping on your friend's face, when trying to reach the last Beaded dress on the empty rack! 

Here is a site that I found about some of the chaos happening in different stores:

With Love, 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Something special

Today's article I wanted to bring something different to the floor. I am talking about INSPIRATION and how to get inspired and keep on doing what you love. I think everyone can relate to the fact that there are moments, when we get so sucked up in life and work that we forget to loosen up and regenerate. Getting inspired and focused on what we love, keeps us going on. I really believe that having inspiration in life is of a major importance.

As talking about myself, I get inspired from so many places and people. As you may already know, I want to work in the fashion industry and with my style I want to represent myself. I soak up so much ideas and inspiration from fashion bloggers, brands and even youtubers. I cannot live without being inspired and that's why I want to inspire others, as well as myself (but there is still time for that last part). Having something to catch to, when feeling down is literally the best thing ever. The flow of inspiration, comes with the positive thinking of not giving up and following your goals and dreams, basically doing what you want to do or even to keep trying. 

I want to share with you my inspirations and how I get inspired by the world around me. First thing first. FASHION BLOGGERS! Bloggers such as Kristina Bazan, Chriselle Lim, Negin Mirsalehi, Chiara Ferragni and many others, really showed me probably the right way to combine colors hahaha. Just joking here. Seeing all their hard work really gets me hooked up. I mostly like to check their outfits, if I am being totally honest, but I do read the articles as well. YOUTUBErs such as Evelina Barry and beauty gurus such as NikkieTutorials, Lauren Curtis and so so many others, really get me in the mood of creativity and self representation. 

In conclusion, I would like to say that inspiration may come in many forms and it can be soaked from seriously everywhere. Having inspiration in life is something, for me, of a true importance. The point I want to make is that finding inspiration and being inspired in so important and you can find inspiration everywhere and about what ever you want. I mean, I can even get inspired from Instagram and Tumblr... It is up to you. With inspiration, comes motivation and success. 


                                                                 Thank you, 
                                                                          Michelle xx

Monday, July 6, 2015

Prom 2k15

Hello guys,
My name is Michelle and I am officially no longer a high school student. Yayyy! Oh my.. the time passed so fast and I can't even think about what I will be doing in the future. I have so many aims, goal and dream to conquer. I cannot wait for that time to come. I have always imagined how my life will be when I leave Bulgaria, but now the reality definitely hit me. Milan.. The city of fashion, style and good pasta. The city in which I will open a new chapter of my life. To be honest in the past I did not thought about missing my life, but with every single day that I am getting closer and closer to leaving it and now I start missing it more and more.

Without any further ado, let's get to the point of the article... My prom. I was so happy that that day finally came. I have never been over excited about it, but the days after my last exam I started getting pretty excited. I got more excited about the whole preparation process that the prom itself.

My dress:
I did not buy my dress, because I wanted it to be one of a kind. I had so many thoughts of how I wanted my dress to look. I wanted something short, cuz I wanted to be as comfortable as I can. The color is the thing I was not sure about, only because I wanted to stay away from white, black and red. Obviously I did not do that. The color of my dress was berry red. At the end I got what  I wanted so I was happy.

My shoes:
"OH MY GOD" - That pretty much explains how I felt about them. My first Christian Louboutin's were on point. I knew that I wanted to get really nice shoes and I was saving my money for so long. I invested them in the shoes and I have never been so happy on an investment. The red bottom completes the dress so nice. The shininess and the glittery part of them went perfect with my jewelry.

My clutch:
This was literally a 'last minute' purchase. So gorgeous and edgy... so me.

This was a night to remember and I am so happy that I got to share it with all of my fellow classmates. It marks the ending of a beautiful beginning! My dream is Fashion and working in this incredibly creative industry. One day I hope to achieve my goals and to reach the highest tops. This blog brings me a step closer to that world and I really hope to be able to achieve something with it. One thing is sure: I will never give up on my dreams and goals! I think that everybody should think about what is best for them. Follow your heart and listen to your mind!

I hope you guys enjoy this look and see you soon. :)

 Sister power.

Best surprise ever. I love you...

The other prom girl. Best friends, one prom day, one hotel to celebrate.. I call it fate. 

With some of the gentleman.

These babies I will miss the most..

I was wearing:
Dress - Jeni Style
Bag - BCBGMaxazria
Shoes - Christian Louboutin 
Jewelry - 9venticinque by BIBIGI

xoxo, Michelle

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Grey Day

On today's article I am feeling a bit greyish, probably because of the weather - hot and full of the grey clouds. I literally cannot wait until summer time, when I will be able to see the sun, bronzing my skin. As much as want summer to come, I am scared that it  will end too soon and I would have to leave the county, as well as my family and friends. I will extend all of this in my next post, where I will reveal my prom experience, outfit and all of that good stuff.

On to the outfit now... My sister and I took a little trip to a really famous sight in Sofia and we did the shooting in a small park. I think that the grey colors in the outfit contrast with the green nature and I really did enjoy shooting it. (Fun fact: It is the same location where we shot the outfit in my previous post.) You might recognize my shoes and bag from a post in the beginning of my blog. I was thinking of shooting the look with only one of these pieces, but they go so well together that I decided to go with both of them. The look is pretty simple, casual and effortless. Another thing that I like about this outfit is that easily transformed from daytime to nighttime. Just put on some nice heels of your choice and maybe put your hair in a high ponytail and you are ready to go rock the night streets. Grey is such a basic color that it can be adjusted to almost every other one. I am a true fan of statement necklaces, so this post cannot go if there is not such accessory.
I really hope you enjoy the outfit and I will see you in my next post.

PS. I think I mastered the art of changing my entire look in a small car...

I was wearing: 
Earrings - Swarovski
Necklace - Zara
Sleeveless shirt - Zara
Leather jacket - Rockeds 
Bracelet - Pandora 
Bag - Guess
Shoes - Limited edition Geox
Jeans - Hollister 

With love, Michelle

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Saying good bye and welcoming the future

GRADUATION HERE I COME! The day I have been waiting for so long... finally no more homeworks, exams and fat books until September, when the homeworks get longer, the books get bigger and the amount of exams increases. I am going to miss so many parts of my high school as I still cannot realize that I am done with it. I am going to miss those homeworks, exams and fat books. The IB program taught me a lot and thanks to almost every single teacher and person in my school I developed my personality and who I am and what I want to be. Since I finished my last ever year of high school education, the next step will be university. Although I am feeling super excited, I am terrified of the thought of leaving my family and friends. 

Yes, you guessed it, I will be going to Milan and reason is because I will be taking my Bachelor degree in this famous fashion city. I am and I will always be a big fan of England, but the opportunity the university in Milan gave me, caught me of guard and I decided to take it. In September I will take that roller coaster to start another brand new chapter in my life. Sill not ready for it tho... But every ending is a new beginning and there is no in-between... 

The summer is definitely around the corner and in the last few chilly nights I decided to wear this outfit, which in my opinion is so comfortable and easy to build that you cannot imagine. The majority of the outfit consists of 3 staples every woman should have in her closet. A white shirt, mine here is sleeveless, a blazer and good fitted jeans. The reason why I decided to go for more of a casual look is because with all the  proms going on, all the preparation and everything else, I am feeling exhausted (I still loved it). In this outfit there is a sneak peak of my prom look, which will be up in the blog really soon. The earrings bring elegance to the entire outfit, as well as this Mango blazer. The colors of the blazer complete the look really nicely. Also not over wearing statement jewelry and keeping simple with this soft Swarovski necklace. Enjoy it. :)  

I adore this bag...

I am wearing:

Earrings - Zara
Necklace - Swarovski 
Shirt - Mango
Blazer - Mango
Jeans - Mango
Shoes - Guess 
Bag - BGBC max arzia
Bracelet - Pandora
Watch - Tissot  

Thank you, Michelle

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Tip of Red Elegance

Hello you guys,

I searched for the perfect elegant shoes for such a long time. I have always been such a fan of Christian Louboutin. I tried hard to find an alternative, because we all know that Louboutin's shoes can be kinda pricey. In my opinion every woman should have at least one pair of the perfect elegant shoe - high heel, pointy toe, closed and in the same time open feet. The tip of elegance i call this. This shoe is suitable for every kind of occasion - a ball, a night out with the girlfriends, a date, etc.

The shoes I will be talking in this post are from a store called Musette. Christina Batlan's recent shoe collection has some really amazing designs. And yes it's a pretty good alternative to the Loub's  design.

I am caught by the materials the shoes are made from. I wore these on New Year Eve and honestly it was a true test to walk in these babies in the snow :D. Although they are extremely stable, they are a bit uncomfortable at the first wear, but after that they get real comfy. They are definitely worth  investing in. Another plus is that they are in the perfect color red, which makes them even more elegant in my opinion.

PS. The most accurate red color of the shoes can be the second picture. :)

Thank you,