Monday, July 6, 2015

Prom 2k15

Hello guys,
My name is Michelle and I am officially no longer a high school student. Yayyy! Oh my.. the time passed so fast and I can't even think about what I will be doing in the future. I have so many aims, goal and dream to conquer. I cannot wait for that time to come. I have always imagined how my life will be when I leave Bulgaria, but now the reality definitely hit me. Milan.. The city of fashion, style and good pasta. The city in which I will open a new chapter of my life. To be honest in the past I did not thought about missing my life, but with every single day that I am getting closer and closer to leaving it and now I start missing it more and more.

Without any further ado, let's get to the point of the article... My prom. I was so happy that that day finally came. I have never been over excited about it, but the days after my last exam I started getting pretty excited. I got more excited about the whole preparation process that the prom itself.

My dress:
I did not buy my dress, because I wanted it to be one of a kind. I had so many thoughts of how I wanted my dress to look. I wanted something short, cuz I wanted to be as comfortable as I can. The color is the thing I was not sure about, only because I wanted to stay away from white, black and red. Obviously I did not do that. The color of my dress was berry red. At the end I got what  I wanted so I was happy.

My shoes:
"OH MY GOD" - That pretty much explains how I felt about them. My first Christian Louboutin's were on point. I knew that I wanted to get really nice shoes and I was saving my money for so long. I invested them in the shoes and I have never been so happy on an investment. The red bottom completes the dress so nice. The shininess and the glittery part of them went perfect with my jewelry.

My clutch:
This was literally a 'last minute' purchase. So gorgeous and edgy... so me.

This was a night to remember and I am so happy that I got to share it with all of my fellow classmates. It marks the ending of a beautiful beginning! My dream is Fashion and working in this incredibly creative industry. One day I hope to achieve my goals and to reach the highest tops. This blog brings me a step closer to that world and I really hope to be able to achieve something with it. One thing is sure: I will never give up on my dreams and goals! I think that everybody should think about what is best for them. Follow your heart and listen to your mind!

I hope you guys enjoy this look and see you soon. :)

 Sister power.

Best surprise ever. I love you...

The other prom girl. Best friends, one prom day, one hotel to celebrate.. I call it fate. 

With some of the gentleman.

These babies I will miss the most..

I was wearing:
Dress - Jeni Style
Bag - BCBGMaxazria
Shoes - Christian Louboutin 
Jewelry - 9venticinque by BIBIGI

xoxo, Michelle