Thursday, November 5, 2015

HMxBalmain army: Is it fashionable or dangerous?

Knowing about the collaboration between Balmain and H&M months ago, I am not gonna lie, it made my heart beat a bit faster for a moment. I find Balmain clothing really interesting and beautiful on it's own. Probably that is the reason why I got pretty excited. Last year when H&M collaborated with Alexander Wang, I could go to the store, where there weren't so many people and actually get to see and buy some pieces from the collection. Ever since I found out the date when the current collection will be released, I knew that I want to definitely go and check it out! There was just one tiny problem... I was in a much bigger city than Sofia, I was in Milan. 

I had thoughts that it will be crowded and full of screaming girls wanting to be in the #hmbalmaination, but I had no idea that these two things can literally explode in such a massive way. I had checked the collection online, before I went to the store in order to make my stay in the store easier. Nope... that definitely didn't helped me. 

At the end, I didn't even went in the store, because there were too many people in front of the it. I thought that it is good that I didn't went in, because I could have been smashed. I saw such a chaos on the internet about how people in different countries go absolutely crazy about every piece of fabric with the label "Balmain H&M". I understand the 'fascination' over the collection, but this for me is way too much. You can also shop ONLINE people, why the stress? No, wait... Everything online is also sold out. Fingers cross I find some pieces somewhere! 

Ohh, well... As my final words, I want to say that there is nothing wrong in wanting something that bad, just please make sure that you are not stepping on your friend's face, when trying to reach the last Beaded dress on the empty rack! 

Here is a site that I found about some of the chaos happening in different stores:

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