Monday, September 15, 2014

Surprise, surprise. Who's a make-up artist?

Hey guys,
First of all I would like to apologize for being inactive during the summer. I will make it up I promise! <3 This article will be dedicated to beauty. 

So, now to the serious part...I am finally a professional make-up artist! *happy face* I started the course around 3 months ago and the previous week i got my diploma. I started getting into make-up around the beginning of 10th grade and I seriously got into it. I am now 12th grade (today was my last first day of school :) ) and that was a great opportunity for earning some money for the summer and through the year. I find that make-up can really change me, not in the case that it makes me prettier... nothing like that. The make-up I put on my face, most of the times, is a reflection of my emotions. If, for example, i put only a basic, tin eyeliner, I haven't put much effort (because it's easy) into it, and that would mean that i am not in my best mood. In other cases when I play with different eye shadows and put a lot of work into it, that leads to a good mood. 

When I was still doing the course, I did some photoshoots of different make-up and on different themes. I will continuou to do photoshoots, so stay updated. Also, I am thinking (only thinking for now) to do some kind of tutorials, so if you have some recommendations I will be here to hear them :) Thank you!

NOW, on to some photos..
 Theme: Sea
 Theme: Moulin rouge
 Theme: Smoke
 Theme: Natural
 Theme: Hard Rock
Theme: Marilyn Monroe

With love, Michelle <3

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