Monday, October 6, 2014

Never Late For Shorts

    • Hey guys,
      Today we shoot this look in the morning and in the afternoon I met with my sister and we went to one of our favourite restaurants in the center of Sofia. All day I was in these clothes and I can honestly say that I seriously thought that I am going to freeze, but I was warm the whole day.
      In the previous post I said how much I miss summer, so I decided to take one of my favourite summer shorts and do a look based on them. It’s a pretty basic look, but it was so comfortable. The weather was so cloudy and rainy. Because it was a bit cold I decided that I will pair the shorts with high boots, a warm fluffy jacket, a big scarf and thighs to keep me warm. Hope you enjoy today’s look. J

    • Picture
      I was wearing,
      H&M hat
      Swarovski necklace
      Zara scarf
      Zara jacket
      Guess shirt
      Zara shorts
      Unknown boots
      Zara bag
      Candino watch

                                                                    Thank you, Michelle <3 

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